Wireframe rendering in vray 3ds max in hindi

Wireframe rendering in vray 3ds max in hindi
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The above pictures are of a clay render, this is generaly used to show a wireframe of a model or scene, to render this we make a material that draws line along all the polygon edges.

To do this we use a material with VrayEdgesTex in the diffuse slot of a standard vray material with all other settings as standard.

For the all the newbies here press (M) to get the Material Editor up and select an empty slot. Rename the material to something like "clay wire-frame"
and click the standard slot to change the material and select VRayMtl from the list.

The standard vray material defaults to 50% grey in the colour slot, if you want the base colour to be different then you can change it if you want. Once you have the basic material up click the little box next to the diffuse colour and a slightly amended list will come up, select VrayEdgesTex from this new list.this texture is only for drawing a line along the polygon edges in a certain colour and thikness, generaly I use black with a thickness of 0.5 pixels.

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在vray中的线框渲染3ds max在hindi
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